About Jersey Jubilation

Jersey Jubilation Handbell Choir is an advanced level community handbell ensemble based in Ridgewood, NJ. The group was organized in September, 2003 in order to bring a higher level of handbell performance to the northern New Jersey area for people of all ages to enjoy.  Its members rehearse regularly to ring beautiful music to all who listen.

Christine L. Braden directs the choir members who ring on 5 octaves of Whitechapel handbells and almost 6 octaves of chimes.  The group is comprised of about 13 handbell musicians who regularly rehearse together to perfect their musical skills to bring a high standard of handbell performance to their audiences.  Many of the musicians have been performing with the choir for a number of years and at this time, there are still 4 original founding members in the group including Chris Braden.

The choir prides itself in its music and strives to make beautiful sounds for the enjoyment of everyone who attends their performances. While the group performs their home concerts at Christmas and in the spring, additional performances also take place in libraries, health care facilities, weddings, and other types of events.  Pieces are often enhanced with other instruments, often performed by its own members to add another level of listening enjoyment.

Jersey Jubilation is based in Ridgewood, NJ and rehearses at the Ridgewood United Methodist Church.  The church graciously lends their 2 sets of 5 octaves of Whitechapel handbells and rehearsal space for the choir to utilize.  Both home concerts are performed in the church sanctuary.

In addition to bringing music to their audiences, Jersey Jubilation also strives to educate their audiences about the many facets in the art of ringing handbells. On top of that, the group often performs for seniors in health care facilities to bring the beautiful music to those who do not have the means to attend musical concerts outside of their facility. Bringing the beauty of handbell music and educating others of the art is the driving force behind the choir.